Our Approach To Partnering

Our approach and what makes Jala different as a partner, are our values.

We are convinced that the best creativeness comes from the practice of Shoulder-to-Shoulder, international mindset ,Growth and Learning and collaborative science ,Quality Focus ,Dynamic Working Approach and Integrity and Respect .This underpins what we bring to the table in a partnership.



We want to combine and complement our skills with yours to foster innovation

We have a long record in successfully  medicines Promotion and our team is amongst snd highest experience in the Pharma marketing. We want to share this R&D experience and combine it with your knowledge and creativeness. Further driving our mission to improve and extend people's lives we are prepared to share our expertise with you - even if a successful deal is not accomplished.


We are committed to trusting and mutually successful collaborative partnerships

Completing a deal is only the first step - we want to collaborate with you in the development of your innovation and bringing it to its fruition. We will support your development needs before and after the deal through a dedicated Alliance Management group, who will manage our relationship throughout its lifespan.


We are by nature curious and keen to learn

We welcome innovation - no matter where it originates. Our bold investments in pharmaceutical products is a reflection of this. We aspire to learn, adapt and communicate openly about our processes. We have an engaged leadership, who are open to take ‘smart risks’ where new ideas can produce better outcomes for patients, physicians, customers and healthcare systems.